Need Help Logging In?

If you are having difficulty accessing the website for Silversea Passengers, the below information should help you to find the find the fastest solution.

If the problem continues with this website, in spite of this advice, our IT Specialist is also available for one-on-one support during his business hours, Monday to Friday AEST. This can be requested by clicking on the link in point 8 below and including details of any problem you may have encountered.

Some Common Questions . . .

1: The website says my password is wrong?

If your password isn’t working, first try the Reset Password function available here.

You will then receive an email containing a Password Reset Link. Sometimes this can take up to ten minutes to arrive in your Inbox (depending on a number of factors, including your internet connection, your email service provider and that provider’s spam filtering system).

2: My Facebook password does not work here?

Your login credentials here will not be the same as Facebook, as we have no affiliation with them and have no access to your details on their platform.

This means that the first time you access this site you will need to Create a New Account.

Once you’ve created your account, we need to verify the email address you gave is valid and truly under your control. So next you will receive an email requesting that you click an Activation Link.  This proves your email is both real and accessible by you, and is the final stage of Account Creation.

NOTE: It can take a few minutes to arrive depending on your email service provider and their spam filtering systems.  10 minutes is likely the longest you’ll have to wait, but most people receive it instantly.

3: How strong does my password need to be?

The initial Registration process will ask your password “…must contain at least one lowercase letter, one capital letter and one number”, however as we don’t keep sensitive information about our members – other than their email addresses – this is really not necessary.

So if you found this aspect of Create an Account onerous, we recommend that the first time you log in, click the link to change your password to something that you prefer (and is perhaps easier to renember!)

4: Should I stay Logged In?

If you are using your own computer or phone to view access the website it is very safe to select the option “Trust this device and keep me logged in“. Conveniently this means you will not need to login again for up to 365 days, but it can be cancelled at any time by selecting “Log Out” in the “Account” menu.  Do not tick this box if you are using a public computer or kiosk that will later be used by other people.

5: Change password -or- Forgot password?

To change your password after logging in, click here.  However, if you forgot your password, click here.

6: Is this actually the website I’m looking for?

This website for Silversea Passengers is essentially a “fan site”.  It contains valuable free resources, but we are independent of the Silversea company. We also have a group page on Facebook for sharing experiences and photos and a channel on YouTube for videos.

Silversea Company Websites: The options for the company are the Silversea website for general information and details of available cruises; or the My Silversea website for completing passenger information on booked cruises and booking excursions, restaurants and spa services.

7: I actually have a problem logging in to the My Silversea website?

This group is independent of the Silversea company, so we cannot help directly with access to their websites.  However, sometimes the My Silversea website is “down” for maintenance, so it’s good advice to simply try again several hours later – or send a direct email to

8: I still have a problem logging in to the Silversea Passengers website. I need one-on-one support?

Free one-on-one email support is available from our IT Specialist during his normal business hours, Monday to Friday AEST.

Click this link to Request Help and be sure to include all details of the problem you’re experiencing.  In most cases you can expect to receive a reply in one business day.

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